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samurai aloha

“Thoughts”we put into Samurai Aloha

Beautiful designs and patterns of seasonal landscapes and nature
on Kimono clothes are widely recognized even outside of Japan.
Our “Samurai Aloha” shirts are made with Kimono fabrics from Tohoku.
We disentangle Kimono fabrics by hand and make a fabric roll,
which we use to make aloha shirts at our factory in Fukushima.
Tohoku is still in the middle of its reconstruction.
We saw the indomitable spirit of Samurai in people who survived through the disaster,
and came up with the name of “Samurai Aloha”.
We hope to dispatch new Japanese cultures from Tohoku.

History of “Aloha Shirts”

“Aloha Shirts” are said to have come from “Kimono”.
It has been told that our Japanese ancestors began to make shirts out of their Kimono clothes to
adjust to a new environment when they moved to Hawaii around the beginning of the 19th century.
It did not take much time for aloha shirts to be spotted by the local people in Hawaii.
Patterns and designs of Kimono were used on a lot of aloha shirts,
and became a major influence on the history of aloha shirts.
Today, “aloha shirts” are beloved by people around the globe and widely known for having many collectors.


1.Collecting Kimono

We collect Kimono clothes from all over Tohoku and choose only the best fabrics for aloha shirts before processing.
Collecting Kimono

2.Disentangling Fabrics

We take carefully selected kimono and make “fabric rolls”.
We have house wives with children waiting to get into nursery schools who can not find the time to work outside their home work for us during this process.
Disentangling Fabrics


Professional sewers in Fukushima turn Kimono fabric rolls into beautiful “Samurai Aloha” shirts.


We carefully inspect each aloha shirt and make sure there are no frayed threads and broken buttons.